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just a copy of climbey, honestly the worst vr expierence ever

Pointless comment, I'm the creator of Climbey and this project is super old and hasn't been updated since 2018.


Basically Half Life Alyx pre-alpha

i thought the game was really good up until the game never told me how to jump so i cant even progress. Other than that though i thought it was pretty good

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oh never mind the physics are really bad

Hey, I'm wondering if you have any plans to update this or port it to the Quest I think it'd be pretty fun on it!


Not Worth your time. The level design is terrible, and so is the movement. The physics are terrible, glitchy, and the physics based objects have no weight. I stopped playing at the gravity gun stairs part (Like, 2 minutes into the game).


It's a throwaway jam game made in like a week 2 years ago dude, christ, calm down.


Damn, can you not take criticism. It was a review of the game. lol

The movement is garbage and makes it not worth progressing. The sea-saw thing was when I gave up, I put all the fucking blocks on it and I was still pushing it down and not able to get up to the other side. This is not worth your time until the dev fixes movement and everything else

i cant jump over ledge

Had fun with this! thanks.