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Hey, I'm curious do you have any plans to port this to the Oculus Quest?

is this made by the same people who made climbey

The same person, yes.

Climbey and this game are both made by me, alone.


I tried the game, but my head was 'stuck on the ground'.

I could move it and everything, but it was just a disembodied head...with physics.

My hands and the play area were stuck way under the ground as well.


i cant open the games file cuz its in a rar file

get winrar or 7zip


You need to extract the file with a program built for extraction

Extract it to wherever you want and then you should be able to play it.

how do you manage to buy, set up, and play a literal virtual machine on a high end pc which you may or may not have built yourself.

but you cant open a damn rar file.

Hello! Nice game Shadowbrain!! I like it a lot, but how can you play multiplayer? Thanks.

Ok, nevermind. I have actually known how it works.

Hey ShadowBrain, I'm trying to get into making short/sweet little things like this beaut here. Just one quick question, how did you set up the locomotion? (P.S. I love both this and Climbey. Amazing work!)

-A Serious Fan

Here's my first time gameplay video friends:

Please let me know what you think! :D

is there a way to record the vr view? all i've seen is able to record camera but not first person like what i'd be seeing. Is there a way to select view first person or 3rd person for video purposes? in your gifs here on the page it's in first person but the game is in 3rd o,o

Hey is there an option to get rid of the distoration on your voice?, also I was wondering if you will still be updating this, and what are the things you can "craft" I've only managed a bat then a stronger bat...

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There's more to craft!

But I currently don't have plans to update it more, it was a quick little jam game and I have a game about to launch on steam I'm working on, sorry.

I may do a quick update to remove the distortion though.

I'm really hopeing your new game has as good of movement as Cavey, it makes you feel so free and powerful. I would buy a full Cavey game for sure.

What is the game that your uploading on steam called I'd love to check it out? (also I what are the other things to craft? I often don't figure out what I'm supposed to do in vr games.....)

The game is called Climbey :)

Other things: unlit campfire, spear, axe, sparks from stones to light the fire hah, that's about all I think.

I have Climbey! It's one of the games I use to show people how cool the Vive is. Great job. I miss the demo level though, or rather my 6 year old twin daughters miss it. They loved climbing around on that thing. Is it available anywhere?

Yeah it is, it's on the workshop called "demolevel" lemme find a link...

Just subscribe to that and you'll be able to put it in the level playlist through the level selection menu in the left front corner of the main menu. :)

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I did a video of this, and it was so much fun! I wish you could drag the camera around when you're in Vive though! ^^

This is hilarious.

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Hey guys, I made a video of this game (the VR version), so if you want to see what the game is all about, just click on the video :)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

(if anyone knows how to embed a youtube video on here please let me know)


Make A NonVr Version With Controls Please And Thanks!

i cant launch it but the game looks pretty cool in the videos

No VR here, so I just tested the NoVR version, which unfortunately has no controls :)